Saturday, October 29, 2011

Link roundup

1. Wild article about strife at the Occupy people in downtown Los Angeles:

The young man who was leading the informal group yelled: "This is the People’s Forum! There are no committees, there are no rules, everyone gets to speak. Get in a circle! GET IN A CIRCLE!" A majority of the crowd abided, although they were openly chastised when the circle took on non-circle shapes.
2. Relatedly, Gabe Delahaye has written two posts on Michael Moore and the weird way he's talked about his own wealth this week.

3. "Hunter Fine and Aaron Glazer have been installing miniature 'bed bug hotels' at New York City lodging locations known to be infested with bed bugs to warn potential tenants."

4. Storm's mohawk was intended to just be a joke by the artist, who was sure a different new hairstyle would be chosen.