Friday, October 7, 2011

Link roundup

1. Can you identify these monster eyes?

2. Good interview with Jensen Karp about running Gallery 1988. I hope this isn't a joke:

I was actually in a rap group signed to Interscope called Hot Karl. I had songs with Kanye West, Will.i.Am, Redman, Fabolous, Mya, etc. It was a crazy opportunity that came to me while I was attending USC, but it also was never really something I aspired to do. It was just something I couldn’t say no to. So as I say a real way out of it, I decided to take the money I made from rapping and put it into something I could be proud of as a career, and depend on, so the gallery was born with my partner Katie. I was always more interested in the marketing and visual approach to selling music, so it seemed that more curator-based stuff was where I was hoping to go the whole time.
3. Jeff Bercovici commenting on Steve Jobs:
there's something disturbing about people treating Jobs as though he was some kind of saint. The problem with doing so is the way it elevates our own consumerism to something noble and important when really it's the opposite.
4. A look at Sammy Wanjiru, a tremendous marathon runner who died under mysterious circumstances (and Kenyan runners in general):
early on, there were glimpses of fire. In the 1968 Olympics, Kipchoge Keino flew to first place in the 1,500, winning by 20 meters. It's the largest margin of victory in the history of the event and earned Kenya its first gold medal in any competition. This is true despite Keino's unusual morning on race day — when his bus got knotted in Mexico City traffic, he ran the final two miles to the stadium, to the starting line, and to the history books.
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