Saturday, October 8, 2011

Really bizarre blindbox set by Kidrobot

Toby’s Secret Society mini series by Kidrobot and Gary Baseman. $10 a blindbox seems awfully steep, but they're certainly bold.


  1. Kidrobot's blindbox prices have gotten progressively steeper with each release. $9.99 is pretty much the standard now, which I agree is rather steep. Their Dunnys went from $5.99 to $9.99 in about 5 years. I stopped buying them as blindboxes for that reason. $5.99 is fun to take a few chances on. $30-$40 is not.

  2. Exactwords summed it up. I used to really like collecting blindbox toys, but that extra four bucks per toy really adds up...if you're really trying to get a certain rare toy you could end up dropping quite a bit of cash and only have a pile of duplicates to show for it. Plus, most Kidrobot toys don't really feel like ten dollar toys...even at six bucks I always felt like they were glorified gumball machine prizes (but that didn't stop me from buying a ton...).