Monday, October 17, 2011

Review roundup (three things you should not buy)

1. Aliens Infestation DS: Chalk the positive reviews this game's gotten to the intellectual property and the mere fact that it's a genuine DS game. Other than that, it's a huge disappointment. Gameplay is walking down identical hallways and shooting the same few respawning enemies over and over. Instead of clever gameplay and creative level design, it features inconvenient save areas and unreasonably low health and ammunition supplies. Sound effects are movie accurate, but I usually play my DS on mute. Available at Amazon, but you're better off buying a few Aliens toys, pointing your finger at them, and saying "pew, pew, pew."

2. Incognito: Bad Influences by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips: Another big disappointment. The previous volume in the series was outstanding - - the comic I'd give to an adult if I wanted to introduce or reintroduce them to comics. But this waste of a volume simply retreads ground from the first book. I was genuinely stunned when I realized there was only a few pages left. Available at Amazon.

3. Choke Hold by Christa Faust: It's a pulp novel about the world of MMA. For example, on page 89, the narrator (an aging porn star) attends a beginner's MMA class and describes it in great detail. But MMA bores me to tears, so maybe you'll have better luck with the book. You can read a sample chapter here, BoingBoing posted a feature on the book here, and it's available at Amazon.


  1. I spend less and less time thinking about what comics to give adults and more wondering why the big guys don't write comics for kids anymore.

    No condemnation on Super Punch. You all(?) do a great job.

  2. Sad to hear that about Infestation, and as far as I've seen a lot of reviews echo your sentiments. I'm trying not to buy any games but Skyrim (pre-ordered) until the holiday sales start coming in, but that's one game I was a bit sad about not picking up (also: Arkham City, gah!). Now I'm alright haha. Hopefully Colonial Marines will be a better experience.

    And wow Incognito is pretty cheap on Amazon! It's been on my list for a while.