Friday, October 28, 2011

Virtual costume

Functional QR Code costume:

*See more great costumes here.


  1. What's better than a good geek outfit? A virtual geek outfit. Girl you Rock!

  2. Genius! pure freakin genius...

  3. Thanks so much! I wish I had done more with the QR code. I've been joking that what I should have done is had it link to a picture of me doing the most interesting man pose with the caption "I don't always dress up for Halloween, but when I do I like to make people hold their cell phones up to my boob."

    Another friend suggested making it an endless string of pictures of QR codes that lead to other QR codes. There are so many possibilities. I just thought this would be cute and easy. Especially since I'm in the IT department with all the web and email teams.