Monday, November 21, 2011

20 minutes of character creation from Star Wars: The Old Republic

20 minutes of character creation showing all the classes and races (and piercings) in Star Wars: The Old Republic (I gave my character a triple cinnamon bun hairstyle when I messed around with the beta). You can preorder the game at Amazon. Via.


  1. I'm downloading the client right now!
    I was going to watch this while I waited... but I decided not to spoil it! :D

  2. You're telling me...
    I'm going at 1,000kb/s, and I have 2gb left.
    I appreciate that in this day and age we have the ability to download mammoth files like this, but this (to me) is really why hard copies are so important.

  3. I tested for about 7 hours 2 weekends ago. It's a solid game, but lacking on a few fronts as far as immersion goes. The only other MMO I've played was Star Wars Galaxies, and comparatively the item customization (armor, clothing, accessories, styling), and player structures/ player cities will be sorely missed.