Saturday, November 19, 2011

Adventure Time toys available for preorder at Entertainment Earth

As I've mentioned, some of the Adventure Time toys are of dubious quality, however, Entertainment Earth has just about all of them available for preorder, and this is the first time I've seen them available online without a substantial scalper's markup.

Adventure Time Jake and Finn Plush Set.

Adventure Time 24-Inch Finn Sword.


Adventure Time 10-Inch Super Poseable Finn with Changing Faces.

Adventure Time 5-Inch Action Figure Assortment.

Adventure Time 2-Inch Collectible Packs.


  1. Haven't these been out for a while? Or is this a new manufacturer?

  2. I think they keep trickling into stores and getting bought up (and resold). First time I've seen them listed like this.

  3. They're so hard to find that desperate parents find my post about them from August and ask me where to buy them.

  4. yeah i've had trouble finding them too, i've been searching for a european shop that carries them but no luck.

    the US stores that i have found have way to expensive shipping
    e.g. at this Entertainment earth. 18$ for Sword plus 31$ shipping = 49 bucks! no thanks.

    i even sent an email to the toy company that makes them for help and they told me to search on ebay.... (true story) no help at all.

    i want that sword and 5inch figures but i dont think i want them that bad to go through all this trouble. (and money)

  5. I wish Adventure Time had better toys than this. The show deserves better.

  6. Would be a natural for a kidrobot blind box set