Monday, November 7, 2011

Alien Vault: The Definitive Story of the Making of the Film

Alien Vault: The Definitive Story of the Making of the Film by Ian Nathan: I received a review copy of this and am pleased to say it's probably the best book I've seen dedicated to a single film. It's filled with artwork by Moebius, Giger, and more, candid photos of the crew, including one of the six foot ten inch tall mime who played the Alien, and very cool inserts that you can see above (emblem sticker, storyboards, prints, posters, and more). All of that is enough to make the book worthy of its cover price, but it's also unusually well-written and filled with fascinating anecdotes. Indeed, at least one major blog devoted a post to numerous anecdotes from the book. But I'll share just one - - The script was adapted from a story called Gremlins:

It was about a B-17 bomber returning from a mission to Tokyo. Halfway over the Pacific, with no way of landing, the plane is attacked by these creatures, gremlins, that get in via the tail-gun. The weren't funny--they were nasty. The crew had to fight them off and hopefully reach home.
Everything you see above for $20 at Amazon. Below are a few images from the book, including some of the rejected poster concepts: