Wednesday, November 30, 2011

G.I. Joe Zombie Viper

The G.I. Joe Zombie Viper (with swappable arms) along with some of the other G.I. Joe figures I posted a few months ago are now available for preorder at the BBTS as a set or case. Pics via these sites.

UPDATE: You can order individual figures, too.


  1. There are some fantastic pics and a perhaps overly-detailed review of the Zombie Viper here:

    It's really great to see the individual components up close, particularly the way the tentacle arms wrap around the victims.

  2. I am not big into GI Joe but I have been buying all of the COBRA figures in the Renegades collection, they all look pretty awesome.

  3. Wow..i didn't know that Joe we're zombies too..AWESOME