Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guy Fawkes bandana

Matthew Borgatti:

After seeing protests erupt all over the world I wanted to make something that could change the game a little. I want people to be able to protest with OWS without the risk of being fired for showing solidarity. I wanted to make something useful, portable, something that could make the biggest difference to the most people. I came up with this mask.

It's a foldable guy fawkes bandana that can be worn as a full or half face mask. It's printed with safe sane protesting advice about dealing with police, sharing your location, who to call in the event of legal troubles, and more.

I'm selling them on my store, with one donated to an OWS branch around the world for each one sold.


  1. I like this bandana it's a good idea, but the price is way too high. And also, there's no way to pay without using Paypal.

  2. the price is actually for two of them: one for you, and one sent to an OWS headquarters. and the bandana is printed with basic tips for dealing with things like pepper spray, and the phone # for the ACLU.

    it's a pity there's not a similar thing, but as a stencil, so you can spray paint your own. even aside from the fawkes' mask--an easily pocketed bandana covered in tips on dealing with the police, injury, arrest that could be cheaply produced and passed out to protestors would be ideal.

  3. is great, where can this get? Please contact I am interested in two plays.