Monday, November 14, 2011

James Bond art contest

It's time for a new art contest, sponsored by C4 Designs which prints everything from stickers, t-shirts, and small prints to The Atlantis System for high-end displays at trade shows.

For this contest, you have to create a movie poster, book cover, or other work of art inspired by James Bond.

First prize: Marquee sized poster (27" x 40") printed by C4 Designs + $25 Amazon credit + $50 Threadless credit.

Second Prize: Marquee sized poster (27" x 40")

Third Prize: Standard sized poster (24" X 36")

Sorry, those prizes are limited to USA residents, but I'll send a $25 Threadless credit to a deserving submission from another country. You have until January 3 to submit your entry (or entries). To enter, email your jpeg(s) to me at Please include your url for credit and please tell me if you're not in the USA.

For a bit of inspiration, go here to see the James Bond-related art I've posted over the years. Your entry doesn't have to be related to Skyfall, but you can read more about that movie at Wikipedia and IMDB. And you can find a list of all the James Bond movies and films here.