Friday, November 11, 2011

Link roundup

1. Negative review of Saints Row: The Third by Destructoid, although this is funny:

In fairness, there are some delightful new distractions. Tiger escort is an obvious standout, as players need to drive carefully around town while a wild tiger sits in the passenger seat. Driving too recklessly causes the animal to become angry and attack, which is extra challenging thanks to the unwieldy feline's own clawing behavior.
2. Skyward Sword is getting great reviews, and this is particularly good news since I found the combat in Wind Waker the best part of that game:
Combat never becomes difficult, but remains challenging, as you’re constantly tasked with reacting to enemy actions (i.e. placing their sword to the left) with your own (i.e. slashing your sword to the right). Early on, the enemies are very blatant about showing weaknesses. That's less true later, forcing you to spend several failed encounters sussing out various “tells." In one case, a lizard appears to be hiding its weak arm on the left, when in reality you must swing around from the right--a sleight of hand. Furthermore, for him to even show off that weak point, you must swing away a few times and force him into a defensive posture. The most satisfying encounters are when enemies swap tells over and over, asking players to be extraordinarily quick with a response, and this becomes more demanding over time. The game is always reading your sword in relation to the enemy, and if you telegraph an attack, enemies will smack back.
$50 at Amazon.

3. I had hopes for The Immortals, until I saw the trailers, which didn't even look very interesting. Roger Ebert says, "'Immortals' is without doubt the best-looking awful movie you will ever see."