Saturday, November 19, 2011

Link roundup

1. Wide-ranging interview with Robin Williams about many of his famous roles (including how Star Wars led to Mork and Mindy). On Popeye:

Literally, near the end of the movie ... the studio had pooled all of the money, so all the special effects people left. It was Ed Wood the last weeks of the movie. Shelley Duvall was in a pond, basically, with an octopus with no internal mechanism, having to drape it over her body like a feather boa.
(That octopus scared me badly.) Via.

2. Telltale Games employees were caught posting perfect 10 reviews to Metacritic for their game Jurassic Park (which is apparently terrible).

3. Speaking of video game reviews, here's a really well-written review of Super Mario 3D Land.

4. Good article by Bill Simmons on the NBA negotiations.

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