Saturday, November 26, 2011

Link roundup

1. Threadless t-shirt vending machine.

2. Bleeding Cool: "Mirror Mirror Marketing Team Resorts To Astroturfing To Sell Tickets."

3. I really enjoy Town and Country magazine, but none of the content is online. One of the recent articles was about how regular diamonds aren't good enough for their readership, instead, they should seek diamonds from Golconda.

4. Fun storefront at Fraley's Robot Repair Shop. Via these sites.

5. I took advantage of the 99cent rentals of Attack the Block and Thor at Amazon (those deals are over). Thor was terrible. Boring, ugly, and did I mention boring? I hated it from the start, and my boys gave up an hour in. Attack the Block was very good, better than Super 8, which has the same basic story.

6. I post a lot of additional content at Tumblr.