Thursday, November 17, 2011

Link roundup

1. Michael Lewis's latest great article. Does it even matter what it's about? Here's a taste - - the main subject of the article grew up Jewish in World War II:

On weekends Danny and his mother would watch the bus stop from their house, waiting for his father’s bus to arrive. Each time was a cliff-hanger: he knew his father was in constant danger and was never sure that he would come home. “I remember waiting with my mother, and as we waited we darned socks,” he said. “And so darning socks for me has always been an incredibly anxious activity.” His relationship to his father, whom he adored, was further queered by a mere typo; in the phony identity papers his father procured for them there was a mistake. Danny’s last name had been printed as “Godet”; his father’s had been printed as “Cadet.” Because of this typo Danny was required to address his father as “uncle.”
2. Detailed explanation for why Andrew Luck shouldn't even be in the Heisman discussion. Relatedly, USC's quarterback has him beat in almost every important statistical category.

3. And speaking of playing quarterback, a detailed explanation of what the 49ers have done to help Alex Smith succeed.

4. The new Superman iOS game is really fun (although shooting run of the mill crooks with heat vision seems a bit excessive) and is now on sale for 99 cents at iTunes.

5. And speaking of deals, Thor (the movie) is a 99 cent rental at Amazon.