Saturday, December 10, 2011

Illustration roundup

Gallery 1988:

We've produced another poster for the ongoing Film Independent @ LACMA Live Read Series w/ Jason Reitman and this is the best yet. Matt Owen has done it again, getting even more love from Entertainment Weekly this time, as Reitman has recast the classic movie "The Princess Bride," and this new generation of actors will perform a table read of the script live and in person on December 15th. The tickets sold out in about 15 seconds flat, but there will be a stand-by line that night, and this time, WE'LL BE SELLING THESE POSTERS THERE! There were only 100 made, and they are beautiful. Past live read events have included The Breakfast Club (where Jennifer Garner, Aaron Paul & James Van Der Beek took roles) and The Apartment (where Pierce Brosnan, Natalie Portman & Steve Carrel joined). Jason keeps the cast a mystery until the last minute, but he has announced Patton Oswalt (in the Vizzini/Wallace Shawn role) and G1988 homie Nick Kroll (in the Count Rugen/Christopher Guest role), so this one will not be a let down.

We will be outside the auditorium before and after the read, so even if you don't have tickets, you can purchase a poster if you like.

One of several stained glass images by TrustoCorp.

Dead Space t-shirt by Dean Walton on sale here.

Part of Flaviano Armentaro's street-style Masters of the Universe series.

Paintings by Martin Hsu for an upcoming show at Fabric8.

Bamtan, Catwoman, and Batgirl by Kit. Via.

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