Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Music roundup

Below are my favorites from all of your music recommendations from last week. I sent the $25 credit to anonymous for the first track.

Rustie - Surph.

Junior Boys - Itchy Fingers. (Thanks, Mors.)

Le Butcherettes - Henry Don't Got Love. (Thanks, Lyndon.)

Hercules & Love Affair - Painted Eyes. (Thanks, Joe.)

The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow. (Thanks, Jen.)


  1. no problem. glad you liked it. truth be told, the number one song i suggest is m83 - midnight city but you know all about that.

    joe also has the right idea, hercules and love affair are fantastic. athene is one of my favorite songs by them.

  2. Glad you liked my pick, got a few ideas from all the suggestions that got posted as well!! So it worked out for the both of us :D

  3. Alabama Shakes Hold On
    Heather Lawler