Friday, December 23, 2011

Tintin was good...

The uncanny valley animation never stops distracting, and the paper thin story suffers from lack of a love interest (is that faithfullness to the comic? the opera singer was basically the only woman, and she was so ugly I thought she was one of the goons in drag), but otherwise, it's basically the third best Indiana Jones movie (slapstick treasure-hunting in exotic locales set to a John Williams score).


  1. Tintin was always pretty asexual

  2. I'm glad there's someone else that feels something is missing in a movie without a woman in it. Especially if you're comparing to Indy. The ladies are always the funny man to his straight man.

  3. I'm with Andy... women have never featured in Tintin's world except as something to be avoided (specifically Bianca Castafiore, the opera singer).

    There are no femme fatales trying to pry secrets from Tintin or his friends... just explosions or cars show up at the right moment to run Tintin down.

    The only women who do show up throughout the comics are either somebody's mother (not Tintin's though, his world is completely parent-free even though he's always described as a "boy reporter"), a nagging wife or little children.

    I just refuse to see the movie due to the animation... there was absolutely no reason they had to go for "complete reality animation", particularly when they had two main cast members who look (or could look) exactly like the two main characters.

  4. The writer was gay. The only "love" scenes are "strong friendship" scenes with a young boy (Tibet albums).

  5. I don't know if Herge was gay. I do believe he was married...
    I saw this a month ago (in Hong Kong) and I enjoyed it except for one thing. I had trouble caring for Tintin, and he gets threatened, shot at, and lots more, but I never worried that something bad might happen to him. If one doesn't care about the main character, then the story suffers. After all, take any Pixar movie and any of its animated characters (no mo-cap there).

  6. That's right, and who cares if the drunk guy gets rich?

    It's amazing that the movie was so enjoyable despite those seemingly major flaws.

  7. As yani has already pointed out, you are right to assume that they are keeping to the comics by having low female presence.

    Given that they were creating a new story, it perhaps wouldn't have hurt if they'd introduced some female character. It would however have been horrendous if they had introduced her as a love interest for Tintin, as it is clearly left open by Hergé whether Tintin is gay.

    It is remarkable how many references to the comics they actually managed to stuff into that movie. Almost all (if not all) the speaking roles were characters from various comics.

    I disagree with yani though that the animation was a bad pick. For one, there have been live action Tintin that were horrible, and it's so hard from it not to be silly.