Monday, January 30, 2012

Doctor Who wanted posters

Time Lords wanted posters by Fro Design Co on sale here.

Speaking of, I just watched my first episode of Doctor Who this weekend - - the Neil Gaiman-written episode The Doctor's Wife (which I bought on iTunes):

I'm hooked.


  1. Yayyy!! Good episode to start with - the modern series often has emotional moments like that one. Other must sees: "Blink" and "Silence in the Library" during David Tennant's stint as the Doctor - they play pretty well for the new fan who doesn't know all of the backstory. There are plenty of other great episodes, but you'll need an entire season or 2 under your belt for those.

  2. Yay! There is always an enthusiastic glee when finding some one who has just discovered the Doctor. I'd like to add two of my favorites. The bottle episode "Twilight" is amazing for it's simplicity, and one of my favorites is "Vincent and the Doctor".

    1. Correcting myself, the episode is not called "Twilight" it's called "Midnight".

  3. Oh man, you are so lucky to have that oeuvre in front of you. One of the best series (any Doctor) ever! I spent most of last summer streaming episodes on netflix. I have to say "Vincent and the Doctor" is my favorites too. It makes me cry every time I watch it.

  4. Awesome episode to start with - and awesome series to get hooked on. Lookin' forward to more 'Whovian' posts the deeper you dive into it. Obsession is a side-effect of enjoying more than one Dr. Who episode. ;)

  5. Like Dune, I watched the old series when I was too young (whatever was on in the 80's), and it soured me on the whole concept (until now).