Monday, January 23, 2012

Google announced a new pseudonym policy for Google+

New Google+ policy:

On Google+, we try to flag names which don’t represent individuals, such as businesses or abstract ideas which should be +Pages. Sometimes we get this wrong, so starting today we’re updating our policies and processes to broaden support for established pseudonyms, from +trench coat to +Madonna.

If we flag the name you intend to use, you can provide us with information to help confirm your established identity. This might include:

- References to an established identity offline in print media, news articles, etc
- Scanned official documentation, such as a driver’s license
- Proof of an established identity online with a meaningful following

We’ll review the information and typically get back to you within a few days. We may also ask for further information, such as proof that you control a website you reference. While a name change is under review, your old name will continue to be displayed. For new accounts without an old name, your profile will be in a non-public, read-only state during the review. Either way, you'll be able to see the status of your review by going to your profile.

For more details, check out the Google+ Names Policy:

To reiterate, the features described herein will be rolling out over the next couple days.


  1. Can we just please put Google+ (and Blackberry while we're at it) down before they suffer any more?

  2. "Under any circumstances whatsoever, there is only one thing that matters: the relation between individual conscience and the world. This is some thing that cannot be counterfeited.”--Nicola Chiaromonte

    Google now setting policies based on the works of dead philosophers?

  3. Bleh... having our real names just serves THEIR purpose, sure maybe people can find us more easily but if we want them in our accounts we'll make sure they find us.