Thursday, January 5, 2012

Illustration roundup

Lobster Johnson by Henrik Sahlstrom.

Treebeard: Year One by Andy Hunter for an art jam.

Batman and Catwoman by DrFaustusAU.

Cover by John Hendrix for The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association. He has art on sale here.

Weekly Dig cover by Tak Toyoshima from this roundup of great covers.

Lisbeth by Nan Lawson on sale at Etsy. Via these sites.

*Buy Lobster Johnson toys at eBay.


  1. How many Johnsons are there? I've seen Red Johnson and Cave Johnson... now, Lobster Johnson?!

  2. You're really, really missing out. You should buy every volume of Hellboy, BPRD, and Lobster Johnson you can find.