Friday, January 13, 2012

Link roundup

1. Chipotle's spinoff ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen is doing well enough to justify a second restaurant in DC.

2. Belichick Breakdown's are weekly posts by Bill Belichick explaining football plays. Relatedly, here's some detailed analysis of what to expect in the Saints/49ers and Broncos/Patriots.

3. ESPN suggests that Kobe is driven to humiliate Steve Nash:

When Bryant got the chance to go one-on-one with Nash in the first half Tuesday night, he even changed his signature sound. Normally Bryant calls for the ball by using his tongue to push staccato bursts of air through his teeth. It sounds kind of like the Smoke Monster on “Lost.” As soon as Nash switched onto Bryant, however, Kobe made sure he wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity. He posted up Nash on the right block and let loose a holler that could be heard throughout Staples Center.

“Whooo!” he yelled. “Whoo!”
4. Artist looking for commissions.

5. 50% off t-shirts at Zazzle with the code FFHSFRIDAY13. I recommend Miskatonic University, Vonster, Steve Thomas, Franco Brambilla, Adam Koford, and my own store. (FYI, at least in my store you can customize with a wide variety of shirt types and colors.)