Saturday, January 14, 2012

Link roundup

1. If you're in San Francisco tonight, go see Charmaine Olivia's new show at Shooting Gallery. First 50 people get a cool poster.

2. Computers are totally disrupting the job market:

Because they take out the middle, it is a lot harder to pursue the American dream by working your way up the ladder. Climbing up rung by rung, you will find a machine staring down. And it won’t retire or move up the ladder to make room for you. Once in place, a retirement or promotion is not going to happen, it isn’t going to be opening up a spot.

3. Air pollution in China is horrendous. The US Embassy in Beijing Tweets air quality reports. Via.

4. Parts list and photo instructions for building a great looking Lego X-Wing. Via.

5. I just installed send to Kindle on my computer. You just install it and sign in to your Kindle account, and then you can right click on pdfs and send them to your Kindle devices. Quick and easy.