Saturday, January 14, 2012

Watch The Adventures of Superpup

The Adventures of Superpup - - Wikipedia explains:

Television producer Whitney Ellsworth created a pilot that placed the Superman mythos into a fictional universe populated by dogs instead of human beings. The live-action actors were placed in dog-suits to portray the canine versions of the characters of Superman. The pilot was filmed on the same set as The Adventures of Superman, and the characters were portrayed by little people. Whitney Ellsworth later produced The Adventures of Superboy television pilot.

The Clark Kent character was renamed "Bark Bent", who worked for the Daily Bugle (not to be confused with Peter Parker's workplace) under editor "Terry Bite" and the female lead was named "Pamela Poodle". Superpup/Bark Bent himself was played by actor Billy Curtis, who was also in Superman and the Mole Men with George Reeves.
You can watch part 1 and 2 above. Via.