Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blade Runner Lego Minifigures; The Minecraft Lego set

Blade Runner Lego Minifigures made as a commission by Legohaulic.

And speaking of Lego, you can preorder the official Lego Minecraft set:


*Previously: Blade Runner paper toys.


  1. "Lego" and "Minimates" are two different brand names. So saying "Lego Minimates" makes no sense. It's like saying Coke-Pepsi. Just sayin'.

    Okay, I'll crawl back into my nerd cave now.

  2. I feel a little underwhelmed with that LEGO pic. When it was announced, people on the internet talked a lot of crap; "Minecraft IS LEGO...WTF this is going to be stupid!". I was hoping the set would be standard size, with normal sized mini figs, and painted bricks with the actual block textures on them. I love LEGO just as much as the next person, but it seems like very little effort went into this project.