Saturday, February 4, 2012

Justice League Beyond by Dustin Nguyen

Promotional images for Dustin Nguyen's new Justice League Beyond. I was intrigued enough to sign up for Comixology and buy #1 for 99 cents. And then I saw all the Flashpoint and Flashpoint-related comics were 99 cents each, so I bought the main series, and the Batman, Superman and Flash issues (on account of the artists). Can't vouch for the comics yet, but I liked the store.

UPDATE: All in all, a reminder of why I rarely read DC Comics.

Justice League Beyond is fine in an all-ages sort of way, but you can read it in about three minutes. I think my boys will like it a lot.

Batman is about as cliched a Batman story as possible and the only fun moment is the reveal of who the Joker is in this alternate universe. I'm not sure how such a thin story was stretched across three issues.

The Flash is almost unreadably boring. (90's Wally West was an infinitely more interesting Flash than Barry Allen.)

Superman is the only one of these three Flashpoint spinoffs that I'd actually recommend (even at only $1 each). I wish Gene Ha illustrated more comics.

Although I haven't loved these comics, buying from the Comixology store was a pleasure, and reading the comics on my laptop was actually pretty satisfactory. I'll definitely look forward to the next big sale.