Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Link roundup

1. I wonder what the overlap is between people complaining about the new Watchmen comics and people complaining that George Lucas won't let other directors make new Star Wars movies.

2. You can preorder at Amazon a free digital download collection of short stories that have been featured on Tor. Via.

3. The White House isn't going to respond to the petition to investigate Chris Dodd.

4. I've featured Bradley Schenck's work many times in the past. He has a new Kickstarter.

5. Nightmare fuel.


  1. Fans seem to hold Watchmen as a sort of sacred object that is not to be disturbed. The movie could be ignored--as a different medium it had no bearing on the book. Now these new books, as prequels, somehow threaten the sacred object.

    And I think fans felt the same way about the original 3 Star Wars movies. Then Lucas made the three prequels, and that sort of killed the "sacred" status and opened it up to more of a "let someone/anyone else have a crack at it" mentality.

    The corollaries I see also extend to:
    --the reason behind these prequels. For DC and Lucas, it would seem to be money rather than some inspired creative need, and that rubs people the wrong way. As though the originals of each of these were created solely for art's sake with no thought about money.
    --their creators' opinions. Lucas obviously approves of his (inferior) prequels 100%; Alan Moore seems to disdain the idea of Watchmen prequels, sight unseen. What does that say about their creative visions?

    Sorry to threadjack.

  2. Moore seems to distain the idea of any elaboration on the Watchmen universe not out of artistic vision, but a personal vendetta against DC.

    Also, Darwin Cooke is amazing, if anyone can pull this of, it's him.