Saturday, February 18, 2012

Link roundup

1. Cory Doctorow:

I believe that Google has created an enormous internal urgency about Google Plus integration, and that this pressure is leading the company to take steps to integrate G+ at the expense of the quality of its other services. Consider the Focus on the User critique of Google's "social ranking" in search results, for example. In my own life, I've been immensely frustrated that my unpublished Gmail account (which I only use to anchor my Android Marketplace purchases for my phone and tablets, and to receive a daily schedule email while I'm travelling) has somehow become visible to G+ users, so that I get many, many G+ updates and invites to this theoretically private address, every day, despite never having opted into a directory and never having joined G+.
2. Warren Ellis on what would get him writing more comics:
Loads and loads of money would be nice. Access to trusted collaborators would be a bigger part of it. Without going into details, I’ve had some fairly bad luck with artists over the last several years, and it gets dispiriting! There are other factors that tend to discourage me from developing new comics work right now, but that’s one of the main ones — I ran out of people to work with.
3. I love Max Silvestri's bad movie reviews.

4. Million dollar jewelry heist at my local mall.

5. My thanks to current sponsor Alien Vault. The book's terrific - - I posted several photos of its contents in November.