Saturday, February 25, 2012

Survival Straps - - bracelets that turn into 25 feet of rope

This promotional video was made by Funny or Die, right?

I'm Coyote Peterson, when braving the wilderness I go up against unforgiving environments and the deadliest of animals. To survive it all, there's one thing I don't dare venture off trail without: Survival Straps. Made with 550 military spec paracord, all you habe to do is unravel it and you're ready to go. Wether you're wrangling a prehistoric size turtle or snaring the bone crushing jaws of an alligator, survival straps help me tak eon nature's worthy nightmares. Wear It, Unravel It, Survive It. Don't brave the wilderness without survival straps.
The strap apparently has a starring role in the brilliantly-titled Steve Austin flick Hunt to Kill:

Here's another really good video featuring Coyote Peterson:

Infinitely better than The River.