Monday, March 12, 2012

Ha, Clone Wars is just a weekly advertisement for a new Darth Maul action figure

Last week he's the scorpion king:

And this week, bipedal:

Coming soon, Battle-Damaged Maul, Ice Planet Maul, and Neon Talking Super Street Sith Luge.


  1. Actually, the bi-pedal cyborg design was first introduced in Star Wars: Visonaries in 2005, over 6 years ago. It wasn't considered cannon until now.

  2. Yeah, it was fresh and clever then. Can't think of much from four years of this series that qualifies as fresh and clever.

  3. Well, I can't say I'm all that surprised to see them marketing the hell out of this storyline. Regardless of how good the show is, it's always seemed like a tool for new action figures. Also, now you'll have the option for a normally priced figure or the deluxe spider legged version.