Sunday, March 25, 2012

Horror films Hollywood should remake as romantic teen dramas

Duncan Jones is Tweeting/Retweeting movies marketed to appeal to teens. Some gems:

Group of teens discover their love for a whole new way of life when they go on a rafting trip - Deliverance

New visitor to isolated arctic town with close-knit community tries to fit in, copies popular kids; is rejected. #TheThing

Halloween - Girls obsession for hockey leads her to hook up with the wrong kind of guy

City girl marries a redneck with a heart of gold, has to deal with his unsophisticated family. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Hellraiser. Young girl falls in with a rebel biker gang lead by an apprentice acupuncturist. #horrorteenremakes

Warrant officer on board a commercial towing ship falls in love with a stowaway, tries to keep him safe from the crew. Alien