Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Link roundup

1. Today's plot idea for the imaginary Star Trek: the Next Generation Season 8 is particularly good:

A world with a terminal plague tries to attract the Borg as a cure.
2. Win a store credit from Kittyzilla.

3. One of Drew Magary's readers:
I worked in Yellowstone Park one summer season, piloting a tour boat on a short loop around Lake Yellowstone. Because of a rowdy reputation the Marina workers enjoyed (which we lived down to nightly), our housing was separate from everyone else in the Lake Area. On nights when everyone was drunk and bored, the redneck contingent would break out their fly fishing gear and cast into the sky. Amazingly, they caught a significant number of bats
4. Kotaku says new iOS game Mass Effect Infiltrator "isn't worth the time or money you'd spend on it."