Friday, March 23, 2012

Link roundup

1. A detailed summary of the Prometheus promotional game to date.

2. New book of postcards by Kevin Tong on sale.

3. Analysis of recent traffic at Gawker. Via.

4. The Adventure Time video game will be made by Way Forward, apparently for the DS. (An indication of how poorly the 3DS is doing?)


  1. (4) I don't think it's about the 3DS doing poorly. (Didn't 3DS sales beat the DS first year sales?)

    I think it's about how well the DS has sold collectively and the developers aiming to reach a wider audience. The 3D feature of the 3DS is probably just not the direction they want to go in with the game, and I doubt they need strong processing power for a cartoon game.

  2. Hi, thanks for some nice links once again!

  3. Well, the 3ds has sold 15 million in the first year, close to the original DS sales in it's first year.
    Total sold for DS is still way more though, so making a game for the DS is more profitable I guess, especially since games made for DS can still be bought and played by 3ds owners.