Friday, March 30, 2012

Link roundup

1. Walter Russell Mead is my favorite source for world news. From a recent post on Syria:

Britain’s Channel 4 News aired a segment earlier this week that shows Syrian activists faking some parts of videos they broadcast on YouTube. In one instance, activists record themselves asking the international community for help, with black smoke swirling in the background; the activists had set the fire themselves before turning on the video camera.
And a post on Mali:
The Tuareg mercenaries of West Africa may have failed to save Qaddafi’s crumbling government last year, but they have had one success—toppling the democratic government of Mali, described by the FT as “one of west Africa’s most stable countries.” According to an FT report, this Tuareg revolt, carried out with weapons brought back from their stint in Libya, surprised many in the international community. Apparently the stable democratic institutions in Mali weren’t strong enough to weather the fallout from an unrelated civil war in a nearby country.
2. Particularly cool "station ident" by LiquidNight for Warren Ellis.

3. Great collection of Batman-themed Draw Something drawings. (I'm jstruan if you want to play with me.)

4. Last weekend to try to win the DC Chess collection.