Monday, March 5, 2012

Link roundup

1. Neil Gaiman on Neverwhere (great book, lackluster tv show):

When the BBC made the series, I felt that what they’d done was rather off from what I’d written in the scripts, so I wrote the book as a sort of “This is what I meant” Director’s Cut.

Watch the BBC version afterwards by all means - there are some wonderful performances.
If you don’t have a subscription to Star Wars: The Old But Mysteriously Similar To The New Republic but know someone who does, you could be in luck. Starting tomorrow is the Friends Trial, which means subs can invite in chums for a week of free play and access to everything the game contains up until level 15.

Which is a decent opportunity to sample the game without having to drop thirty big ones on a boxed copy first. If you do find it’s to your taste, apparently you’ll be offered a purchase of the full client at a discounted price – subscriptions will remain full-whack, however.
(I'd appreciate an invite, btw.)

3. New preorder at the BBTS: Hobbit figures (no pictures), the new TMNT (but only by the case), Dark Knight Rises Catwoman, Bane and Batman figures, and a new colorway of the Fat Tony the Tiger.