Monday, March 26, 2012

Link roundup

1. From the start of a review of a new book about the founder of DHL:

James D. Scurlock’s King Larry is a fun, trashy analog to Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs. Like Jobs, Scurlock’s subject, Larry Hillblom, the founder of the express-delivery pioneer DHL, was a postwar California boy who bootstrapped his way out of his working-class background through preternatural drive and iconoclastic vision. Like Jobs, Hillblom flouted corporate convention by attending meetings in blue jeans and not giving a damn about consensus and social niceties. Also like Jobs, Hillblom had a gift for anticipating consumer needs before consumers did—and was rewarded richly for his prescience.

Yet whereas the cover of Isaacson’s book is minimalist and Apple Store-austere, King Larry’s cover assaults the eyes with the garish red-and-yellow color scheme of DHL, with a border of green palm fronds thrown in for good measure. It’s a telling difference, for Hillblom’s was not an ascetic, intensely art-directed life like Jobs’s, but a messy, vulgar, and at times sordid journey. He is presumed to have died on May 21, 1995, at the age of 52, when the seaplane on which he was a passenger crashed in the waters between Saipan and Pagan, two islands in the Micronesia region of the West Pacific. While the bodies of the pilot and the plane’s other passenger were recovered, Hillblom’s never was, a circumstance that has encouraged conspiracy theorists to suggest that the DHL magnate is still at large, perhaps Colonel Kurtz-ing it up on some remote atoll.
Read on. (Here's the Amazon link.)

2. Cemeteries are so passe. Why not turn a loved one into the beginning of a coral reef?

3. From Gabe Delahaye's review of The Raid:
There’s not actually a lot to be said about The Raid: Redemption. It was good! If I try to formulate why it was good into actual sentences, I sound like a child writing in crayon. “This movie was good and I enjoyed watching it. It had lots of action in it. My favorite part was when the one sweaty guy was in a headlock from behind and he kicked his legs out and flipped underneath the guy to throw him to the ground, but I also liked the part when the hero double-stabbed a dude and then kneed him through a wall, and then time when he killed him with a doorframe.” See what I mean?
4. The BBTS has Where's My Water toys available for preorder.