Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Win a copy of Paul Carr's Sober Is My New Drunk

UPDATE: Anonymous (the drunk one) won and should be contacted soon.

New nonfiction from Byliner - - Paul Carr's Sober Is My New Drunk: 850 Days (and Counting) without Booze or AA. A Comedy in Twelve Steps (above is Paul's profile photo at Crunchbase):

Paul Carr gave up booze with the same verve and originality that he brought to his life as a drunk.

For one thing, he didn’t go to Alcoholics Anonymous, an organization that, he writes, “breeds an ‘it’s not my fault’ mentality that refuses to accept that anyone can ever truly be cured of the ‘disease’ of alcoholism.”

Instead, Carr quit in the most non-anonymous way imaginable: He posted an open letter on his popular website. The letter was both a confession and an invitation for public scrutiny. “No matter where I was,” he recalls, “there was always a chance that someone had read my post and was waiting to catch me with a drink in my hand.” To help keep himself on the straight and narrow, Carr still has a counter at the top of his site, ticking off the number of days he’s gone without a drink.

In this bracing (but zero-proof) tale of recovery, Carr delivers his own twelve steps to building a life without booze. His hard-earned advice, punctuated with anecdotes that are both cautionary and comic (a bender once took him to Iceland, where he drunkenly believed he’d get better Wi-Fi) is given with humility and goodwill. Along the way, Carr celebrates the simple yet overlooked pleasures of sobriety—weight loss, a renewed love life, the ability to buy a phone or laptop without promptly losing it in a bar. As he slowly discovers, a sober life actually CAN be fun. What’s more, he’ll remember it.
It's available as a digital download at Amazon.

I also have one digital copy to give away. For a chance to win, simply comment on this post and include your email so I can contact you if you win. One comment per person, and this contest is open worldwide. I'll pick a winner Sunday night.


  1. I look forward to reading this...

  2. Sounds like a great read.


  3. Paul is a guy I look up to - just wish I had the disposable income to spend right now. Only thing that trumps circumstance is luck.

    1. email addy.. right.. dannorth gmail.com

  4. Paul ruffles a few feathers as usual. Esp AA. Some heated rhetoric from that camp. alftoy gmail.com

  5. as a drunk this is relevant to my interests.


  6. He thinks he's discovered something new, when "taking the pledge" is an old, failed concept. But good luck to him!

  7. please? bblaponge@gmail.com

  8. this may be insanely useful to me!


  9. Just stumbled upon this blog from a pop candy post. I need to read this book! I'm still a binge drinker from my college/frat days and need some inspiration. I believe this is the way to go instead of AA, which I have an aversion to also. = | mozalicious@gmail.com

  10. Very interested in this one.


  11. Wow... Usually in Janaury I'll go teetotal for a month, and once I managed almost six weeks. I'd love to know he coped with the change, especially in social situations, or when teased or tempted. I can do sober for a little while, but only if I become really reclusive, bored and boring... (lucy_parthian@yahoo.co.uk)

  12. Been sober for 2 months now and doing it the same way. I've flicked the switch and won't be switching it back on for some time.

    It's been strange (and sometimes difficult) experiencing things sober for the first time. Been to 3 concerts already and remember them vividly! A first!

  13. Danielflores87@gmail.com. free books are always a good thing.