Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Illustration roundup

Feather-covered T-Rex predecessor.

Jorge Munoz's contribution to a Rocketo art jam. (I love Rocketo.)

Darren Tan posted several illustrations created for the Star Wars Essential Guide to Warfare, which is available at Amazon.

Aled Lewis:

Here’s some of the 250+ pixel sprites I created for this Easter weekend’s New York Times Magazine. Right now, and for what I imagine will be a limited time, a bunch of them got animated and appear right in the middle of the NYT homepage. I know, right? See the full online article version here.
(The article includes an interactive game of Asteroids.)

Venetian Carnival tribute by Rebeca Puebla.

Spacemen by Dan Baker.

Black Metal and Kittens wallpaper by Serge Birault.