Friday, April 27, 2012

Link roundup

1. The LA school system has decided that the school day will now start with breakfast being served in class. But what about kids who want to spend class time learning?

Although the school offered free- and reduced-price breakfasts before school, students who were late missed them and others preferred to spend the time playing rather than eating.

"Now it's more of a classroom activity that students don't want to be left out of," [Principal] Stokes-Mack said. "There's a lot of camaraderie eating with your teacher and classmates."
And how about the kids who have already had breakfast?
The classroom breakfasts are so good the fifth-grader said she gobbles them up even though she also eats eggs and toast at home before coming to school.
2. Wait a second, chocolate isn't really that poisonous to dogs? (I've been reading the Bunnicula series to my boys and it really bothered me that the dog was always eating chocolate.)

3. How Kohler tries to buy good reviews of its products. (I'm for sale, btw.)

4. "Meet the women actually running the Obama re-elect. Low profile, high-powered 'badasses,' says one campaign staffer."

5. New backpack design contest at Threadless (their bags to date have been pretty terrible).