Monday, April 2, 2012

The Marvel Legends figures I'd like to see

The character selections in the new Marvel Legends line have been pretty lackluster. Here's what I'd like to see:

Miles Morales Spider-Man + Unmasked Variant

Super Skrull (this one's by Dean Trippe)

Flash Thompson Venom

Magik + Demonic Variant

Orson Randall Iron Fist

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel

Hisako/Armor build-a-figure


  1. I gave up on Marvel Legends but the right character might bring me back in and that Orson Randall figure would be the one! I'd like the Miles Morales and Captain Marvel too.

    I would also like all of those in Marvel Universe scale.

  2. Marvel Universe figures are trash

  3. Illyana Rasputin was my teenage crush.
    That whole era of New Mutants sang to me the sweetest song of post-adolescent angst, outsider blues, and super-powered dejection.
    Central to all of that was Magick, the only girl I imagined could understand my overwrought ennui, and somehow cure me of it. She was equal parts Heavy Metal magazine and X-man, everything I thought was cool in the world, and I wanted her to portal me the fuck out of my life so bad at times I could taste it.

    So yeah, I vote for Magick too.
    And also agree concerning Marvel Universe, though they are a damn sight better than DCU Infinite heroes. The only superhero toys I've ever liked at that scale are those based off animated character designs.

    1. I don't mind their design, they're just made like trash. Limbs that are too tight or typically ludicrously loose, and limbs that fall right off. Paint rubs off quick, too.

    2. i agree with you for the most part. Quality control is not the best. same can be said about DCUC and its a larger scale. at least (like DCUC) MU has given fans a huge variety of figures that they haven't been given before mixed in with all the iron men and wolverines. and even though they are nowhere near GI Joe levels, i wouldn't call them trash. the quality has been improving greatly and the next few lines should demonstrate that with figures like Beast, Incredible Hulk, Angel, Puck, Professor X, etc. But they can prove me wrong and disappoint with poor articulation like the avengers line.

  4. I think the issue here with the lack of quality is because action figures from the DCU and the MU are both being made for collectors to keep in the blister packs and boxes at this point. Kids (who open their toys and play with them ) (shocker) don't even know who many of the characters are.

  5. what I do not want to see is the same figures in both lines.... if I have it in 6 inch, don't want it in 3 3/4 inch, and vice versa.... just feel like I am wasting money