Thursday, April 5, 2012

Short fiction designed to be worn

Safety Pin Review:

The SAFETY PIN REVIEW is a new, weekly literary magazine featuring fiction of less than 30 words, with a major D.I.Y. twist: in addition to being published online, each story is hand-painted onto a cloth back patch, which is attached (via safety pins) to one of our operatives—a collective network of authors, punks, thieves and anarchists—who wear it everywhere they go for a week.

We’re looking for literary quality, hard-hitting stories with an afterburn. Scare us. Intimidate us. Make us horny. Make us swoon. Send us only your very best.

Essentially, you will have two audiences: those who come to the website to read the magazine, and then an entirely unintentional one, i.e., the random people who see one of us roaming around with your story pinned to our back. Thirty words is short enough—you can read it by accident. Whether they like it or not, your words will stick with strangers. Guerilla, subversive, subconscious fiction, sneaking into the minds of friend and stranger alike. We think all of this is rad.