Monday, April 30, 2012

World War Hulk 1-5; Wolverine 26-31

This week I'll be reviewing comics I've bought from Comixology 99-cent sales over the last few months. First up, World War Hulk and Wolverine Agent of Shield. I'm reviewing these together because they both feature art by John Romita Jr. and show that a brilliant artist is just not enough to make a good comic.

World War Hulk, written by Greg Pak, is probably the least ambitious and most tedious event comic from a major publisher that I've ever read. Five issues of nothing but Marvel heroes senselessly punching each other. The art's great. The problem is Romita has nothing interesting to draw:

So, so, tedious. Even Dr. Strange, the world's greatest sorcerer, decides the best plan is just to take magical steroids and punch the Hulk:

By comparison, Wolverine 26-31, written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Romita is a blast. Just compare these pages to the ones above. They're bursting with surprising, exciting, lunacy:

Yes, that's Elektra leading a horde of flight suit-equipped zombified super heroes and super villains in an assault on Shield's flying headquarters. These issues are what super hero comics are all about.

Highly recommended.


  1. I was buying the single issues of the Enemy of the State/Agent of SHIELD storyline as it came out, and the cover art for those individual issues are some of my absolute favorites ever. There's one of Wolverine facing off against Daredevil, and the colors just burn off the paper into your brain.

    I also loved Romita and Millar's X-Men and Fantastic Four (most of their depictions of the Marvel Universe are pretty spot on actually). They look great and read cleverly. The whole story is amazing.

    I didn't hate WWH as much as you, but I definitely see your points. Some of the spin-off stories were vastly superior. For instance, the Incredible Herc mini that spun into a new series for Hercules and Amadeus Cho began during WWH, and that was a much more fun read than the main event.

  2. Yes, I randomly picked up an issue when Amadeus had a coyote pup. I liked it, which is what lead me to believe I would enjoy Plant Hulk. (I didn't, but it was vastly superior to WWH.)