Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Art fundraiser

Prints by Tobias Kwan, Mindy Lee, and Garrett Hanna on sale as a charity fundraiser for Kam Redlawsk.

The LA Weekly says:

The odds never stood in Kam Redlawsk's favor.

Redlawsk, 34, is one in a million people affected by a genetic disorder that has wasted and weakened her muscles, to the point where she now uses a wheelchair.

And because the condition -- hereditary inclusion body myopathy -- is so rare, the chances that somebody will allocate research funds to developing a treatment can seem like a million to one. The government and Big Pharma have little incentive to produce drugs only a few in the world will use, only a few in the world will pay for.
Here's Kam's blog.

And here's some art by Kam:

And finally, here's some Adventure Time art by Tobias Kwan: