Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Brooklyn Nets logo is the coolest in the league

Classiest logos in the league.


  1. I don't usually pick my sports teams based on their logo, but I love this rebranding (particularly the circular crest-looking logo). My doubts on Jay-Z's actual design involvement though:

  2. I hadn't seen this before, but I completely agree. Jay-Z is the man. I wouldn't bet against his business sense in any situation.

  3. As for Jay-Z's involvement, I'm sure he was certainly a part of the design process, though he most wasn't the one sitting in front of Illustrator or working through a list of typefaces. Though the headline wouldn't read as nice if it was "Brooklyn Nets Logo Designed by Jay Z and Nameless Graphic Designer".

    In addition, I work with the woman who designed the last two New Jersey Nets logos, the 1991 version was once described as "was done by a crack-addled airbrush artist in Seaside Heights" but was actually was little more than a sketch on a bar napkin that the owners loved and wouldn't let her rework into a not-ridiculous logo.

    The gradient was done by hand in marker, as programs like Photoshop weren't as common in design studios as they are today.

    Conversely, her 1997 logo was voted the best logo of the NBA here:

    I'm pretty sure nobody knows they were designed by the same person.