Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Giveaway: Man of War: My Adventures in the World of Historical Reenactment

UPDATE: steven won and should have received an email from me.

Man of War: My Adventures in the World of Historical Reenactment by Charlie Schroeder:

In Arkansas, there is a full-scale Roman fort with catapults and ramparts. In Colorado, nearly a hundred men don Nazi uniforms to fight the battle of Stalingrad. On the St. Lawrence River, a group of dedicated history buffs row more slowly than they can walk—along with author Charlie Schroeder, who is sweating profusely and cursing the day he got a book deal.

Taking readers on a figurative trip through time and a literal journey across America, Man of War details an ordinary guy's attempt to relearn history by experiencing it. Embedding with his fellow countrymen, Charlie Schroeder jumps headlong into the idiosyncratic world of historical reenactment. From encounters with wildlife and frostbite to learning more than he ever expected about guns, ammo, and buttons, Schroeder takes readers to the front lines of bloodless battles in order to show exactly how much the past has to teach us all about our present (and explain why anyone would choose to wear wool in a heat wave).
The book is 39% off at Amazon.

I also have one copy to giveaway. For a chance to win, simply comment on this post and include your email so I can contact you if you win. One comment er person, and this contest is limited to USA residents. I'll pick a winner next Monday.


  1. Another great glimpse of historical reenactments and the zany people committed to them is "Confederates in the Attic," by Tony Horwitz.

  2. This looks interesting :)

  3. I once had an "deeply committed" (i.e. probably lived in mom's basement) Civil War reenactor insist to me that Lincoln wanted to be emperor and that the South was right and might rise again if 'Merica didn't straighten out....It was hard to take him seriously with his bag of Doritos.


  4. This sounds a super fun book.

  5. The book sounds really interesting.

  6. If I had a Green Lantern ring, I'd be, like, makin' spaghetti ALL THE DAMN TIME.


  7. I will probably buy this if I don't win. jerrmajesty@gmail.com

  8. sounds interesting. count me in.

  9. I'll jump in on this one. Had a history teacher who did Civil War reenactments - brought in some uniforms and guns one day - very cool for a history guy like myself.

  10. Looks like an interesting read.


  11. I'm trying to think of a joke about how reading this would be a reenactment of me actually reading a history book, but I can't get it to work. Oh well.