Thursday, May 3, 2012

Link roundup

1. Gallery of high-res wallpaper-sized images from Welcome to the Anthropocene.

2. "Here’s one way to stand out in a sea of employers: WhaleShark Media Inc. gave one employee a nearly $25,000 shopping spree at Costco Wholesale Corp." Via.

3. Sketch giveaway.

4. "Data collected by WebMediaBrands indicates that [Draw Something] lost nearly four million daily users over the course of the past month."

5. Read to the bottom.


  1. Draw Something is/was an internet fad. These things never last long.

    That said, you want to know the secret to killing an internet fad even faster? Widely report its increasing lack of popularity. There's nothing followers hate more than following something that no one is following.

  2. Drawsomething was good at first, but then I started wanting more from it. Plus some people are not even trying to draw properly, and the words get repeated that I got tired of drawing them over and over again (volcano, skeleton, Outkast, stooges, etc.)

  3. I still play it a lot. I have a group of 10 or so players that don't cheat.

    I think the biggest problems are seeing the same words over and over, the inability to fast forward through a drawing, and the absence of some sort of leader board or better sharing feature to reward players. There should be a top 10 gallery for each word.