Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Link roundup

1. TBD:

It reminds me of a Marine I met who was had been an illegal immigrant from Belize. When he joined the Marines he was amazed that not only did he get good food and a clean bed, he also got paid. On the downside, he had thought they worked at Sea World.
2. Greg Oden says he became an alcoholic during his second year in the NBA and blames it on his cousin.

3. Gallery 1988's new show featuring Dave MacDowell and Kirk Demarais is now up.

4. "Amazon is so serious about its next big thing that it hired three women to do nothing but try on size 8 shoes for its Web reviews. Full time." Via.

5. The cute Jibibuts Artist Series wooden blind box figures by Noferin are now available at Tenacious Toys.