Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sandman 41-49

(This week I'm reviewing comics I've bought from Comixology 99-cent sales over the last few months.)

A question that frequently pops up on Neil Gaiman's Tumblr is how old is old enough to read his adult works. They're all basically fairy tales, after all, so what's the right age for Neverwhere? or American Gods? Well, I was definitely not ready for Sandman: Brief Lives when it first came out. Years later, I still remember exactly when I stopped reading - - Despair and her hooks.

Apparently I've seen enough horrors through the years that I'm now able to at least skim past the more disturbing moments in this series and enjoy the rest as a masterpiece of comic book storytelling.

Just check out this simple moment of Dream and his estranged, mentally-unbalanced sister ordering breakfast. Infinitely more interesting than any of the building-shattering punching in World War Hulk:

This series is definitely not for the squeamish, and it's far darker than any of Gaiman's novels I can think of. But that said, it's also a brilliant bit of writing. The collection is $13 at Amazon.