Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Venom 1-5

(This week I'll be reviewing comics I've bought from Comixology 99-cent sales over the last few months.)

How's this sound: Imagine if James Bond lost his legs, but then merged with the Venom symbiote and became a super-powered commando. Sounds great, right? And that's exactly what you get from Venom 1 and 2, written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Tony Moore - - super-powered intrigue in exotic locales:

They even make solid use of C-listers Jack-O-Lantern and Kraven:

Unfortunately, it's all downhill after that. By issue 4, Remender's apparently run out of ideas and resorts to an issue of Venom and Spider-Man punching each other in New York. And issue five is entirely devoted to Flash Thompson (the legless soldier hosting Venom) and Peter Parker visiting bars looking for Flash's alcoholic father.

See, this is the reason comics are dying. No one wants to drop $3.99 or whatever the cover price was for this Venom comic and get a story about alcoholism instead of super spies.