Monday, May 7, 2012

Watch last night's episode of Sherlock

I finally watched an episode of Sherlock. It really is as excellent as you've heard (and I've never been much of a Sherlock fan). Last night's episode was based on A Scandal in Belgravia and featured Irene Adler as a dominatrix (she specializes in "recreational scolding"). You can watch it here.

And here's a NSFW poster for the episode.


  1. I love this show. It's hard to wait a year for a new season.

  2. I love Sherlock. It's such a gripping adaptation. :) A Scandal in Belgravia is my favourite episode next to the Reichenbach Fall, but Irene was the perfect match for Sherlock. The ending was perfect. Let's hope she returns in season 3 - Sherlock needs a dominatrix on board XD

  3. Heh, I just watched this last night. Awesome show.